Maià de Montcal

Luminous , serene, peaceful, Romanesque and in harmony with nature. Wonderful food, plus hiking and cycling routes and mountain biking… all these things ensure that you will enjoy your visit to Maià de Montcal. Plus it is suitable for all ages.

You don’t need to take a car to be able to admire the three chapels and a Romanesque bridge. You can also take pleasant walks or for  a more energetic excursion , there are interesting routes in all directions.

Maià de Montcal is perfectly located to enjoy the many diverse landscapes in the area to allow  you to enjoy them all. High Garrotxa county and its trekking routes, the Garrotxa and its volcanoes, the Costa Brava and it’s lovely coast and beaches.

It is very close to various cultural sites such as Girona and its  famous Jewish quarter, Figueres and its Dalí Museum, Sant Martí d'Empúries with its Greek breakwater and the Greco-Roman ruins of Empúries.

And just four kilometers away you will find the medieval historical-artistic town of Besalú, considered one of the best preserved in Catalonia.

The Miqvé of Besalú and Girona are the only enclosures of Jewish baths discovered until now in the Iberian Peninsula. It consists of a stone building in which the Jewish community had their ritual purification baths.

The majestic Romanesque bridge over the river Fluvià is not to be missed. After entering the town through the gate on the bridge, you cannot avoid being taken back in time to the Middle Ages. Walking along its cobblestone streets you can imagine bumping into a local medieval gentleman, merchant, monk or even a beggar.